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If you want to create a website, you must need a Domain and Hosting. Before create a website, I think you should have a clear Idea on Domain - Hosting which you will use. Here I shall try to discuses on domain name. Now let's we know - 


What is Domain Name?  



Definition of Domain name: Domain name is an IP address which represents a physical point on the web. It is a part of the (URL) that usually expresses a domain name where to forward a request for a Web page. A domain name generally ends with an extension of 2 or 3 characters at all. These characters can indicate the country the website address is connected with or the sort of organization. A domain name discovers an organization or other object on the Internet. Here is the example of a domain name-

A Domain name easily locates an Internet address for "" at Internet point and a specific host server named "www." The ".com" part of the domain name redirects the purpose of the organization. This is called the top-level domain name. The "itinfoworld" part of the domain name describes the organization or object and along with the top-level is known as the second-level domain name. The second-level domain name usually records to and can be thought of as the "readable" version of the specific Internet address. Domain names generally operate under the Domain Name System (DNS), which is basically known as the address book of the Internet.


Kinds of Domain Name:


There are various types of domain name. You don't need to memories all of the below. Here are the types of Domain Name.


Top Level Domains (TLD):


Top Level Domain is the highest level in the DNS configuration of the Internet. There are numerous types of TLD's. Here are some classifications of it.


Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD):


Two letter domains normally recognized for geographical places; for example: .bd signifies Bangladesh. When originally selected, usually only citizens of a country could record their corresponding ccTLD; But at present a few countries have permitted parties outside their shores to register website names at the same time. In the case of bd domain names, the registrants must still be Bangladeshi or have registered business interests in Bangladesh. The strict registering suitability criterion for bd name has meant .bd is still powerfully related with Bangladesh and has raised a great deal of trust and sureness in local online customers all over the world.
Internationalized Country Code Top-Level Domains (IDN ccTLD): A top-level name with a particularly encrypted format that permits it to be displayed in a non-Latin character set at all.
Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD ): The well-known generic Top Level Domain name include (.com, .info, .net, .biz, and .org). These can be simply registered by anyone. Moreover, some of the new gTLD's more lately released have numerous restrictions.


Top Level Domains have some various other levels. Let’s know about them.
Second level Domain: Directly below a TLD in the DNS. Example:
Third level Domain: Directly below a second level in the DNS directory: Example:
You will realize the difference between second and third level domain name if you see this example carefully.

For example: - is considered a second level domain and would be categorized as a third level domain.

I hope you have got the clear idea of domain name. Now I will discuss about sub domain.


Subdomain Name:


A subdomain is considered as a second website. A subdomain usually has it's own unique content, but there is no new domain name present there. You can easily use a current domain name and change the www to another name at the same time. The subdomain name looks like this - ,, etc.  
I think you have got the clear idea by reading this post. you can buy top level domain from If you like my posts please share this. Thank you very much.


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