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Best Onpage SEO Techniques in 2018

Website owners must Best Onpage SEO Techniques because Every website owner who has a blog their first dream is to build an engaged viewers that leaves comments, shares the published content. But now, many bloggers struggle when it comes to build their targeted traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the main formula to get organic search traffic for your site. SEO is changed in every year because Google changes their updates.If you want to optimize your website or blog posts there are two factors that plays the big role in SEO. These two issues are On-page optimization and off page optimization.

Importance of Onpage SEO:

This is On Page Optimization which is considered as the very first steps of SEO to rank your website in Google Search Engine. Onpage SEO techniques generally help you to improve your search engine optimization, including page titles, descriptions, Meta tags, internal linking. So, Today I am here to share with you some onpage SEO Techniques in 2016 that can help yo…

Top level Domain

We know that domain is the name of a website/blog. A top level domain (TLD) is considered as the highest level in the classified Domain Name System on the web. Top level domain is generally connected in the root zone of a domain name server (DNS). It is the last part of a domain extension. The top level domain is

generally organized into three parts. These are Country, Categories and Multy-0rganizations. One can easily choose the best top level domain by registering a domain name. You can find the best suits of your business and website by choosing a Top Level Domain. At first let’s know about the classification of Top Level Domain.

Classification of Top Level Domain:

There are various types of top level domain. Here are some classifications of it.

.COM: Com is the most common top level domain extension of the world. This is normally related with for-profit businesses. Almost 70% people of the world prefer to select this domain.

.INFO: Info is the most popular domain extension. If you wan…

Domain Name

If you want to create a website, you must need a Domain and Hosting. Before create a website, I think you should have a clear Idea on Domain - Hosting which you will use. Here I shall try to discuses on domain name. Now let's we know - 

What is Domain Name?  

Definition of Domain name:Domain name is an IP address which represents a physical point on the web. It is a part of the (URL) that usually expresses a domain name where to forward a request for a Web page. A domain name generally ends with an extension of 2 or 3 characters at all. These characters can indicate the country the website address is connected with or the sort of organization. A domain name discovers an organization or other object on the Internet. Here is the example of a domain name-

A Domain name easily locates an Internet address for "" at Internet point and a specific host server named "www." The ".com" part of the domain name redir…

SEO Important Factor

SEO Important Factor

If you are a website owner or you have any business you should know the most important factor in search engine optimization. This is very effective to promote your online business. SEO is any set of plans which is designed to recover your website’s ranking in an online search at the same time. Numerous sources ascribe varying standards to such strategies, but most SEO experts decide that the following methods are important at all. The Content should be well written, pertinent, engaging, and frequently efficient. Title, Meta description, and header tags should require terms that accurately reproduce site content at the same time. URLs, or website addresses, should be short and should contain pertinent keywords.

You should be alert to one of the factors that always cause a website to be punished in search engine rankings: Content which lacks depth and substance and that uses keywords excessively at the same time.

Most website administrators, webmasters are always caref…

Smart Nano Drone

At present, Drone is the most amazing discovery of science. Drone is generally known as aerial a vehicle which is controlled remotely. OneAGoFly is now offering now to order drone from them. They offer you Palm-sized drone with GPS and high res video camera to auto-follow where you want. This drone is really easy to use.  The drone has intricate Design and unbelievable Capabilities. Moreover there are some amazing features in this drone which make you happy.

Smart Nano Drone

High Resolution camera has been included on it. It can easily takes photos & videos comparable to iPhone 6s with 15 megapixels and 1080p, HD, 30 FPS video. Even you can use the first Smart Nano drone to track location easily from your smart device and records on the go via WiFi connection. This Drone generally use intelligently & instantly maneuvers around walls and trees using built-in infrared technology. There is also good Control navigation system which easily set up auto-follow sync photos and videos in…