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List of Information Technology (IT) abbreviation

I.T.” Stands for "Information Technology", It refers to anything related to computer technology, such as networkinghardwaresoftwarethe Internet, or the people that work with these technologies. IT jobs including computer programming, network administration, computer engineeringWeb development, technical support, and other related occupations. As we live in the "information age," information technology has become a part of our everyday lives. That means the term "IT," already highly overused, is here to stay. So IT is not a small subject. It is a largest subject and it use a lot of abbreviations. So if you want to study as well in this subject or if you want to get IT (Information Technology) Related job, of course you need to read that what is abbreviation which is used in IT. So I have collected a list of Information Technology IT abbreviation for you.

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Information Technology (IT) and Computing Abbreviation List

IT abbreviation list - A

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What is Information?

We use the word "information" as a descriptive adjective has exploded to the point of near absurdity. We cannot do anything without it. But what is "information"?

Before discussing abut it, lets we know the short History at first-

A short History of Information

The word “Information” comes from The Latin roots and Greek origins in 14th century in both English (according to Oxford English Dictionary).

Information history is an important introduction and a review on it was made by Alistair Black (2006). Alistair Black (2006, p. 445) wrote: "This chapter explores issues of discipline definition and legitimacy by segmenting information history into its various components:

•    The history of print and written culture, including relatively long-established areas such as the histories of libraries and librarianship, book history, publishing history, and the history of reading.

•    The history of information as social history, with emphasis on the importance of informal i…